What is a Coordinated Rhythmic Movement?

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What is a Coordinated Rhythmic Movement?

I started writing a blog post this week, in which it (like many of my posts) featured Coordinated Rhythmic Movement (CRM; Kelso 1981) rather heavily. Then I realised, I haven’t actually spelt out exactly what a CRM is! With that in mind, I stopped writing that post and started writing this one.

A CRM (AKA rhythmic coordinated movements and rhythmic movement coordination) is any movement that uses at least one limb or oscillator (something that moves back and forth in a regular rhythm) that is rhythmically coordinated with another limb or oscillator.  Within this definition, a CRM is not limited to a single organism.  That is, the limb of one organism can be rhythmically coordinated with another limb of the same organism, of another organism, or that of a computer controlled oscillator.

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